As an author there are few things more important than finding a quality editor you can trust to be quick, reliable, and accurate. April is all of those things and more. 

She is skilled at not only providing an excellent service, but doing it at a fair cost and with a gentle hand. Her ability to professionally edit while still maintaining an author’s voice and intention is second to none.

I would recommend her to any writer, new and experienced alike, looking to add polish and flow to their prose.  

Janice M. Whiteaker


April was a fantastic proofreader for my novel: Feathers, Tails & Broomsticks.
Her communication was easy and timely. She was a joy to work with (and well-priced). April said my manuscript was clean, so it took her less than a week to proofread, making small suggestive comments along the way (nothing heavy, always politely). April’s keen eye caught things (like a character having too many hands) that I never would have seen! She also left charming comments on the book which made me smile. So grateful. I’ll definitely be coming back for more when I’ve written my next book! Absolutely 5 star-service here.

Dionnara Dawson


I began working with April early 2018, after posting in a large editor’s group. I was on the hunt for a new partner in crime. Because that’s what I wanted–a partner. Someone who cared about my work, as well as my person. I found that in spades with April. 2018 hasn’t turned out, at all, how I expected. Family took priority, and my production spiraled to the lowest it’s ever been. At no time did April make me feel like a failure. 

She lifted me up, more times than I can count, and urged me towards the finish line whilst also catering to my emotional and physical health. Editing is her job, but she’s never once made me feel like I’m a paycheck. And, down to the meat of the business side, she’s an excellent editor. Her turn-around time is amazing. I’ve had to toss a short story her way with 2 days’ notice, and she’s barreled it back at me with her usual level of notes, corrections, and suggestions. 

She’s dedicated, and loves stories. That’s easy to tell. I can imagine her spiraling around in Beast’s library, soaking in all the delicious books. She’s a veritable Belle-in-reality, red pen in hand. An editor without that sort of passion isn’t the kind I want. I’m looking forward to so many fruitful years with April, to building our relationship, to becoming dear heart friends. I know 2019 will be my best year yet, because I have her in my corner. If you’re on the fence, take a chance on her. Send her a sample. She’s amazing.

Eli Constant


I am an international master’s student majoring in Musicology and I had a pleasure of working with April for the past few months. Not only that April has helped me with grammar and syntax in my papers, but more importantly she would kindly suggest and point out every possible section that needed improvement, and helped me to take it to the next level. Moreover, April was always so prompt and quick: often she would tweak my assignments within 24h and we never ever missed the deadline. 

The words cannot express how grateful I am for her being willing to work with me, and expertise. Highly recommended, especially if one is a writer-musician. Thank you, April!

Maja Brlecic

Musician and Student

Let me tell you, April is amazing! I found her through a mutual friend recommendation and her copy line edits are awesome! My last book she worked on, she helped me with the flow which I’ve gotten amazing feedback about. If you’re hesitant to try her, don’t be. You’ll wish you found her sooner!

Jen L. Grey