Editing Services


Easy math for writers:
$625 per 50K words

Thinning the Forest

A line edit takes in the whole picture. You want the reader to follow the story without having to work at it.

I help you tighten prose, ensure consistency in language and style, and enhance your voice to best serve the story.  I include suggestions and comments as needed. If you’re looking for a single pass, this is your best value—it’s the most comprehensive edit I offer.


Easy Math for Writers:
$375 per 50K words

Pruning Branches

copyedit focuses on the sentences and words. I might still suggest paragraph changes, but generally we’ll streamline the text, making sure the sentences flow one into the next in an effortless and beautiful way. We’ll remove any ‘clunkiness’ of repetitive words and phrases, identify redundancies in the story and overall polish your book.

This is where your novel fully comes into its own and our goal is that the story will seem to tell itself.

*While I proofread along the way, revision errors can sneak into a manuscript. I recommend a final round of proofreading for any document, preferably in its final formatted state.


Easy Math for Writers:
$200 per 50K words

Inspecting the Leaves

You want your book or project to be as error free as possible. Proofreading is meant to catch any typographical errors, which include extra spaces, incorrect punctuation, and misspelled or misplaced words (for example, is when you meant it).

Technically, proofreading happens after a book is formatted, and is the final step before publication. While I prefer to read the formatted book, I’m also happy to proofread your final Word document.

My goal is to give you the most polished product achievable.


Fees Vary

From Thinning to Shaping to Final Inspection

Working with a client from beginning to end is a special kind of pleasure. I offer two- and three-pass options for those who want to partner through the entirety of the project.

It’s best to schedule a consultation for multi-pass services which will be tailored to your individual needs.

ACES, American Copy Editors' Society