An editor, writer, teacher and singer, April is also known as the Editing Soprano.
She helps creatives find and refine their voices.

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Janice M. Whiteaker

Her ability to professionally edit while still maintaining an author’s voice and intention is second to none. 

Ryan Latta

I knew she was the right editor. Every change she made improved my writing.

Alekzandria Peugh

She is supportive and understanding, and caught things that I NEVER would have seen. Her work was incredibly helpful…

Dionnara Dawson

April’s keen eye caught things (like a character having too many hands) that I never would have seen! 

Jen L. Grey

…she helped me with the flow which I’ve gotten amazing feedback about. 

Eli Constant

Her turn-around time is amazing. I’ve had to toss a short story her way with 2 days’ notice, and she’s barreled it back at me with her usual level of notes, corrections, and suggestions. 

Dionnara Dawson

April is someone upon whom I now thoroughly rely. She is always a joy to work with…

Jill Downey

She is not only crazy smart, she is funny, direct but kind, and best of all … she understands the amount of heart and soul that goes into each and every book an author writes.

A.J. Andersen

I worked with April on my third book and WOW! The difference in the quality, and how much I learned from that single edit was amazing!