Not every editor’s style complements every author’s vision. The only way to find out is to ask for a sample edit. I’m happy to provide one, free of charge. Sample edits are generally available with 1-2 day turn-around.
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Service Descriptions:

  • Line-edit
    $.01/word  (Fast math for writers: $500 per 50K)
    What I do: I tighten prose, ensure consistency in language and style, and enhance your voice to best serve the story. I frequently include light content editing here with comments/suggestions as needed and I tend to copy-edit as I go as well. If you’re looking for a single-pass, this is your best value.


  • Copyedit
    $.005-.007/word (Fast math for writers: $250-350 per 50K)

    What I do: This is the nuts-and-bolts edit. I polish grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, and look for any discrepancies in the manuscript. Sometimes called proof-reading, it’s the final clean-up on an otherwise completed manuscript. This is likely the final step before you get the book ready for publication, and quite possibly my very favorite type of editing.


  • Proofread
    (Fast math for writers: $150 per 50K)

    What I do: Proof-reading happens after a book is formatted, and it’s the final step before you hit that ‘publish’ button.
    This is the very last round, reading the proofs (or galleys) with the book in its bookish state. I’m looking for any typo that valiantly made it past the copy-editing stage. 

  • Customizable Packages
    I offer special multi-pass packages for those who want more. Prices vary depending on your specific needs.

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My goal is to make your writing seem effortless and the editing invisible.