Not every editor’s style complements every author’s vision. Much as I’d love to say I’m the perfect editor for you, I can’t be the perfect editor for everyone! The only way to see if we’re compatible is to ask for a sample edit. I’m happy to provide one, free of charge.

I prefer a slightly longer-than-average sample to work with. Please send ten pages or so with a logical break in the action. If that means 8-9 pages, that’s great. If that means 11 pages, I’m okay with that, too. The important thing is for me to get a feel for your flow and voice, and how much in-depth work your manuscript needs.
Pertinent details to include with inquiries: 

Length of full manuscript
Genre or sub-genre of book
Type of editing requested
Your ideal time-frame for scheduling

Tell me a little about you and your project, and we’ll get you on the books!