My goal is to make your writing seem effortless and the editing invisible.


The best way to see if we’ll work well together is to ask for a sample edit—I’m happy to provide one, FREE of charge. I’ll be able to get a feel for your flow and voice, and what type of edit your manuscript needs—you’ll be able to see how I edit. 

Complete my contact page so we can discuss the details.


I like to do complimentary consultations so we can find what best fits your needs and/or budget.

I edit manuscripts of memoirs and novels, particularly romance, young adult, fantasy, paranormal and urban fantasy for indie authors and indie publishers. 

I’ve been editing professionally since 2016. I believe that continuing my education is important for your work and mine. I am a full member of ACES and subscribe to their code of conduct.

ACES, American Copy Editors' Society

Line Edit

$.01/word (Fast math for writers: $500 per 50K)

What I do: I tighten prose, ensure consistency in language and style, and enhance your voice to best serve the story.  I include comments and suggestions as needed. If you’re looking for a single-pass, this is your best value—it’s the most time-consuming and also the most comprehensive edit.


$.005-.007/word (Fast math for writers: $250-350 per 50K)

What I do: This is the nuts-and-bolts edit. I polish grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and look for any discrepancies in the manuscript. This is likely the final step before you get the book ready for publication, and quite possibly my very favorite type of editing. It’s the most commonly required edit and happens before a proofread.



 $.003/word (Fast math for writers: $150 per 50K)

What I do: Proofreading happens after a book is formatted (reading the proofs or galleys in book format). It’s the final-final step before you hit the ‘publish’ button. I look for any typo or formatting issues that valiantly made it past the copy-editing stage. 

Customizable Packages

I offer special multi-pass and multi-book packages for those who want more. Fees vary depending on your specific needs.

I love this diagram. It shows the reality of what you can expect if you haven’t enough time or money. You will always receive quality (‘Good’) from me.

That gives you two options to choose from:

1. Sometimes there is a time constraint in scheduling, and you need Good-Fast work. I can do that. As a matter of fact, I thrive on quick-turnaround deadlines. This may be reflected in the fee I quote you (the faster the turnaround, the more expensive it is likely to be).

2. On the other hand, perhaps you don’t have a deadline in mind, and we can take our time. Lucky for you, this can translate into Good-Cheap! I’ll fit you in between already-scheduled projects—it might take a little longer but will also be more budget-friendly.  

Whatever you choose, I’ll work within the parameters we set.

Your manuscript is important. Understanding how to format your project for easy reading is critical to the editing process.

I prefer to work in a Word document. I will consider Google Docs for shorter work (fewer than ten pages)—handy for academic papers. I will make editing corrections and suggestions with ‘track changes’—this makes it easy for you to accept editing and to attend to my comments and suggestions. If your work is not in Word format, I can quote an additional fee to do this before editing can begin.

Industry standard (Word doc/docx) formatting—litmus test for agents and publishing houses:

    • Cover/title page
    • Page numbers (beginning on the first page of story text)
    • Headers: for your name/novel/project title
    • 12 pt. Times New Roman
    • Double-spacing
    • 1-inch margin all around
    • Set tabs to 0.5 inches to indent the first line of each paragraph
    • Begin each new chapter on a new page using a ‘page break’

I can be flexible and relaxed about these standards. If you choose to use a different font than TNR, as long as it’s serif and I can read it easily at 12 pts, I’m good. The tabs are relatively important, especially when we get into copy-editing as this sets you up for success with book formatting. How you set the header/footer, or whether you have a 1-inch margin or 0.75-inch margin is not too serious.

Once we’ve signed the contract, I send you an invoice for the 50% deposit, and you remit fees through PayPal (my preferred method), Xoom or Venmo. The balance is to be paid on completion of the project.