I’m classically trained soprano, if you want to be all fancy—and I gig around where I can in my little corner of the world which is known as Southwestern Ohio. I also teach people how to sing. And yes, everyone can sing!

A few years ago, I discovered that besides singing, I like writing, too. So I wrote a couple of books, because that’s what one does… Fast forward to 2016 and a chance conversation with a writer friend of mine who invited me to edit for an indie publishing house—voilà! my editing career, something I never knew I wanted to do, took root.

Now I have the privilege of helping creatives find and refine their voices through my work as singer, teacher, and editor.

    So there you go. A little about me. Four more things that have nothing to do with singing or editing:

    • My husband and I finished a marathon together in 2016. It was pretty cool. One of my proudest accomplishments, actually.
    • I love lip balm in particular and makeup in general. Like, really-really. You have no idea.
    • I love emojies! I use them entirely too much for a non-millennial, and I refuse to apologize for it.
    • I have a killer sense of humor. Ninja-like. It sneaks up on you with laughter grenades… sometimes I’m the only one who gets the joke, though, so…take that with a grain of salt. 🙂